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Bmore FITness was founded on a desire to provide women of all ages, nationalities, sizes, and fitness levels a judgement-free place to work on their personal fitness goals.  We provide a fun experience for all of our clients so they will want to continue their fitness journey.  Our Catonsville location is convenient, has ample parking, stellar childcare, and amazing workouts to keep you striving for your personal best.  Come see everything we have to offer YOU!

Meet the Team

We have built a strong team of women driven to help you succeed. Bios coming soon--including one about our owner, Sheela Lal!

Current instructors include Annie Jordan, Rosanna Delfico, Krista Marion, Jeannie DeCray, Valerie Stewart, Deb Parsons, Dee, Julie Vittek, Tamarra Fleming and Teresa Bush.

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