Infant space

Our infant space features jumpers and bouncers, soft blocks, and other baby-friendly toys.

Toddlers - 5 year olds

For our biggest group, we offer a daily literacy-based curriculum consisting of pre-reading questions, group story time, reflection on lessons from the book, and opportunities to research and explore the topic of the day's book further.

Big Kids

We have created a lounge area for kids to hang out with friends, read a chapter book, or complete homework.


Let's talk safety

While we work hard to make our childcare fun for the kids, our first priority is safety.  At all times, the childcare room will be staffed by a Childcare Lead that holds a certification in pediatric CPR/AED from the American Red Cross as well as extensive training and experience in professional childcare. Our Childcare Leads include former teachers, special education aides, and certified early childhood education professionals.

Member Moms

Relax and enjoy your time at the gym knowing your workout buddies are safe and thriving just a few feet away.  Our experienced Childcare Lead and staff will engage your children in enriching activities while you get some much needed stress relief at Bmore FITness.